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We can provide service via face to face meetings, audio/videoconferencing, and telephone, at your request.


Our approach to strategic planning involves a deep dive into understanding the relationships that your non-profit must build to maximize your value to clients. Through meaningful conversations with your organization's board, leadership, and critical stakeholders, we help you map out the opportunities and threats facing your team. Our Delphi-inspired facilitation process brings your group together to create consensus on goals, and our extensive experience in public administration supports you in creating implementation plans that match your unique operational reality.

Strategic Planning
Grant Development


Turn our breadth of experience working with non-profits active in the culture, recreation, and community services sectors to your advantage by relying on us to create an inventory of prospective funding sources. Our track-record of success includes obtaining grant funding for both program and capital development projects, and we reduce the workload on your team by managing all aspects of the reporting required following the award. Our approach to grant development can also help you build new partnerships with other non-profits in your community, positioning your organization to obtain funding not previously available.


A high-functioning board comes equipped with clear policies and bylaws, an active collection of subcommittees with defined responsibilities, plus a training and succession plan guiding the professional development of existing board members and recruitment of new prospects. Our experience and expertise can help you create a complete package of governance materials, including committee terms of reference, board member evaluation frameworks, orientation and onboarding handbooks, and all the other guiding documents your board needs to achieve the organization's mission.

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Our decades of experience in designing, running, and assessing projects in the non-profit and public sectors can help your organization maximize its value to beneficiaries. We specialize in supporting early and mid-lifecycle non-profits who want to clarify their program plans and ensure they are evaluation-ready. Our approach to design and evaluation combines academic rigor with operational pragmatism, giving you plans that can be carried out with the resources you have readily available while also ensuring you are prepared to clearly explain your organization's impact to the public, funders, and policy-makers.

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